The Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct

The school is a place to learn and grow. To make it run smoothly the following code of conduct is required:


Reporting for the assembly at 7:35 am is a must. No student must be late for a class. Promptness in submitting assignments and projects is necessary.


One day / period missed at school is like a broken link in a chain. Study regularly. Read what has been taught in class on a daily basis.


Students must show restraint in their behavior. Talking loudly in corridors, class rooms, assembly grounds or other places in the school is not permitted. Silence must be maintained when the assembly is in progress. Occupy your mind in reading, solving puzzles, completing assignments, when you are free. Please queue up while moving from one class to another or when waiting for your turn for anything.

Cleanliness & Hygiene:

Do not litter the school. Use the dustbin. Defacing walls or graffiti is ugly. Do not scribble on desks, walls or doors. Maintain your report card, notebooks, files and other materials nearly.

Keep yourself clean:

Nails and hair must be clean and tidy. Wear a clean and well ironed uniform. Polish your shoes, Neatness is the hall-mark of a successful individual.


The language of a student must reflect refinement. Use of polite expressions is recommended on every occasion. Learn to use ‘Excuse me’ ‘Please’ ‘Thank You’ ‘Sorry’ ‘Could I…’ liberally. Decorum must be maintained while talking to teachers and seniors. Extend courtesies to everyone including equals and juniors. Soft words of praise or thanks can prove magical. Observing courtesies can open doors.

Follow these etiquettes:

  • Greeting young and old alike with a warm “Hello, How are you?” or ‘Good Morning’ according to the age and position of the individual. Acknowledge the presence of a student or teacher even if you do not know him or her. Greet those who clean your classroom, mend your furniture, ring the bell etc.
  • Holding the door for the next person.
  • Using the wash room cleanly.
  • Using the books lent by the library well.
  • Talking softly while others are studying.
  • Using a tissue or a handkerchief while sneezing.
  • Covering mouth while coughing, yawning or sneezing.


Honesty in all dealings is to be followed. Be true to your friends, teachers and yourself. Cheating in exams will invite heavy penalties. Completing an assignment from a guide book can never increase knowledge. This will increase your trust value in the school by being genuine and honest.


Be generous in helping others. Be a buddy to a classmate who needs academic support. Do not let any one copy your project, answer sheet or home assignment.


Please do not neglect the little things. Never skip on extra effort. Giving the best should be your trademark.


Be pro-active. Jump into the middle of things by accepting responsibilities. Take charge of programmes, offer help and support to teachers.


Stand for causes such as reduction of emissions and conservation of resources, freedom from child labour, secularism, global peace and multi-culturalism. Go green by carrying cloth bags. Restrict the use of plastics. Begin a signature campaign to bring about social harmony.