Annual Art Exhibition

Annual Art Exhibition

Step into a world etched in lines,
Where boundaries blur and stories unfurl.

'Kodugal', a Tamil word which means lines, becomes the canvas on which creativity dances. This theme was chosen not just for its simplicity, but for its boundless potential. A line, at its purest, is a path - guiding you through emotions, across eras, into the heart of an artist's vision.

This is not just an art exhibition, but a celebration of the lines that make us who we are.

This year, Air Force School welcomes you to witness the symphony of strokes, the whispers of textures, the roar of colors, all bound by the silent eloquence of lines. Prepare to be captivated, for 'Kodugal' promises not just art, but a conversation beyond words.

Let Lines Speak Volumes: Unveiling 'Kodugal'.